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Driver 2 Advance (GBA)

Win Rio Survival Mode Easily:
It's possible to "win" Survival Mode if you can evade the
law for ten minutes. Normally this is almost impossible,
but there is an easy way to do it in Rio de Janeiro.
Look on the map for a road that seemingly leads to nowhere
just north of Lagua Rodrigo de Freitas. This road leads
to a path not on the map, which leads to Vasquez's mansion.
There is no traffic on the mansion grounds, so no police
cars will spawn there. Making it to the path isn't easy,
but once you do, you're home free. Just sit tight until
the clock reaches ten minutes, and you'll get a "You Win!"
message and be returned to the Driving Games menu with a
literally unbeatable high score!

Pass Through Cars:
As you walk into a car, press Up + B. If you did this
right, the car you walked into will shake, and you'll
go through it.

Change Police Car's Color:
While driving on the sand in the Rio stage, if there is
a police car behind you, press L + R to change its color.
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