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Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game (GBA)

Level 1:
To get past level 1, you must defeat Guldo, Krillin,
and Nail. To defeat Krillin, use as many Raise Your
Anger cards as possible (while using the Starter Deck).
You have a very good chance of winning if you mix some
strong Defense cards with the Raise Your Anger cards.
To defeat Nail, use a combination of strong Defense and
get your MP to level 2; or if they have a Defense power
on level 1, use it. To defeat him, stop as many attacks
as possible while pounding away. To defeat Guldo you
must practice awhile before attempting to win. Your
first attempt will probably be a loss. To defeat him,
use the strongest Defense cards you have, such as
Frieza smiles, which will not allow your opponent to
attack during the combat turn it is used. Wait until
you have a lot of a couple of life card losing combat
cards and just hack away, repeating the process until
he is defeated.

It is difficult to complete level 1 by "survival",
however it is much easier to win by "most powerful
personality". To do so, build a new deck with cards
that raise your Anger . When it goes past 4, it jumps
you a power level (not energy level). After this happens
twice, you win. If done correctly you dont have to worry
about damage. Note: This was done with Nail and Guldo.
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