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Bomberman Max Advance: Blue Version (GBA)

Bomb shield:
When holding Invisible Vest, set a bomb and just as it explodes
rapidly press A repeatedly. This will protect you. Be careful not
to blow yourself up after the Vest wears off.

Easy Charaboms:
In a two player battle, you normally would lose your Charabom if
you lost. However, turn off the power immediately before losing.
Your opponent will get a free Charabom and you will not lose one.
If done purposely, the person who wanted to give someone a copy of
their Charabom would purposely lose, turning off before the final

Merging Charaboms:
To merge Charaboms go to "Battle Game" at the start. Then, select a
file. Go to "Merge" and choose "1 Player Merge". Then, choose any two
Charaboms and they will become merged to create a stronger and better
Charabom than the original. Once you merge them, you can never get
back to their original forms; only when you play the normal game can
choose the original ones.
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