Cheats for Totally Spies! (GBA)

Gallery Images:
Complete the indicated stories to unlock the image at the
'Gallery' menu.

A Lovely Singer : 'A Lovely Singer' story
Kiwi-Kiki in Danger: 'The Halloween Chase' and the 'A Lovely Singer' stories
Save the Earth : 'Save the Earth' story
The Aptitude Test : 'The Aptitude Test' story
The Halloween Chase: 'The Halloween Chase' story
Special Gallery : Successfully complete the game

Level Passwords:
Level - Password
Secret 1 - X1r4n
Secret 2 - J5p2k
Secret 3 - 9nm23
Secret 4 - P753x
Secret 5 - 8j1k2
Secret 6 - Z4l6d
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