Cheats for The Sims: Bustin' Out (GBA)

Unlock Cheats:
Unlock the game's cheats by buying them literally from Heidi Shadows,
a Sim who sells cheats. She may appear in the following spots:

South and west of Imperial Estates between 2300 and 0000.
North corner of Park Maze between 0300 and 0400.

A slight glitch may allow you to buy a helluva lot more cheats in
one fell swoop in the Imperial Gardens location; you buy all the
available cheats, scroll the vendor just before she vanishes, wait
until 0100 then re-approach the vendor and her wares should be refreshed.

Fast Cash:
In level 4, after you return the ashes to the ghost, search in the
underground tunnels for a black bubble in the small paths. Once you
come apon it, it will take you somewher else underground. Once underground,
go to the two blue chairs that the light is shinning on. Afer you put
them BOTH in your pocket, go to a store and sell them. They go
for $1,000 each.

Free Furniture:
On level four where you meet the ghost at the Haunted Shack you can
get some free furniture. After you pick the lock and answer all of
the ghost's riddles find the hidden cellar outside. There will be
some items including a gazing ball when you take it to your house
and take it out of your pocket. When you gaze into it your fun, room,
and energy will rise.

Ghost Quiz Answers:
How many sides does a circle have? [2]
An apple, grape, banana, pear, which doesn't belong? [Banana]
How many letters are in "the alphabet"? [11]
"BCDEKIOX", which letter completes this pattern? [H]
If you fill me i can point. If not full I do not move.
I have 2 skins, one out and one in. What am i? [Glove]
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