Cheats for Tales of Phantasia (GBA)

Unlockable Dungeons:
After you have revealed Dhaos' Castle in the future, two new dungeons
will be unlocked.

Dwarven Ruins:
In the Treasure Room of the 21st level of Morlia, there is a blue button
that you can press to reveal a warp for a new dungeon. Dungeon has 9 floors.

Morlia Mineshaft (Lower Levels)
After you have revealed Dhaos' Castle, head to 9th floor of the
Morlia Mineshaft, now there will a new opening for 12 new floors (21 in all).

Ishitori Sequence:
Whenever you play Ishitori with the Ishitori Master in Alvanista Castle,
go first. Then Always bring down the amount of stones to whatever number
is closest in this sequence 1-5-9-13-17-21-25-29-33-37-41-45-49-53-57...etc.
You will win every time.
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