Cheats for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (GBA)

Movie photo gallery:
Get all 74 collector cards.

Get all 71 Tri-Wizard Shields.

Walk on walls:
During your first "Dark Against The Arts" class, you will learn "Reparo".
You will be in a room for testing only when you learn that spell. Do not
use Reparo on anything in the room. If you use Reparo to get on the cabinet,
when you get back down you will find that you can walk on walls and out of
the screen. However, you cannot get any farther and must start from the

Moody's challenge:
When reach Moody's challenge after the second task, he will ask you to
face creatures that you already know of, and to not repeat spells that
you have already used. Immediately after you complete Moody's challenge
you will go to the third task. You can then defeat Voldemort after the
third task.
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