Cheats for Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga (GBA)

Fun In Training:
First of all load your data and go to the inventory screen. Then
select two items and put them to L and R then save and quit the
game to the main menu. On the screen there is a training option
select that and while you do the training session you have the
two items you selected on your data.

Master Code:
Enter B9RBRN as a name. Use the other codes to unlock mini-games.

Code - Effect
9MA268 - Gali Mini-Game
V33673 - Kopaka Mini-Game
3LT154 - Lewa Mini-Game
B9RBRN - Master Code
8MR472 - Onua Mini-Game
5MG834 - Pohatu Mini-Game
4CR487 - Tahu Mini-Game
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