Чит коды на Ambition: Episode 1 (Flash)

Более правильные и быстрые действия:

1 ответ: Put His Gun Down
2 ответ: Where did you get the dynamite?
3 ответ: I don't know if you're crazy or not but the dynamite scares me.
4 ответ: Yes, I'm afraid of getting blown up. Aren't you?
5 ответ: Tell me what you've been through?
6 ответ: That's horrible. No wonder you're so upset. I'd be upset too.
7 ответ: I don't know where Bridget and your kids are
8 ответ: Maybe we can get Bridget on the phone but first you've got to put
down that detonator.
9 ответ: (To Lola the Receptionsit) Do you know how to get a hold of Bridget
10 ответ: Say : "Think about your kids".
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