Чит коды на Samurai Shodown (3DO)

Stage select:
Play a game, lose, and do not continue. Go to the main menu, select the
resume option, and press Left, X, Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, X. Highlight
the "Players Name" option and use LS or RS to select the stage.
Note: All Samurai Shodown save games must be deleted to turn off the
stage select option. Three lines of text will appear at the bottom
of the screen:

"Level Select Enabled" confirms that the Stage Select code was
entered properly.
"Debug Pattern Codes Enabled" explains the numbers that are
displayed at the top of the screen.
"Zap and Excerciser Enabled" allows special game functions.
Zap allows you to drain all of an opponent's power by holding LS + RS.
It will not kill your opponent. Instead, your character must deliver
the fatal blow with any attack (even if it is blocked).

Same color opponent:
Start the one-player game, then join in with player two and pick the
player the computer was using. Kill player one. Do not continue and
your character will start with the one-player game again. Join in
with controller one, and again pick the same character the computer
was using. Kill player two. When the next one player game starts,
your character will be the same character and color as the computer.

Player two color change:
Press RS + C.
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