Cheats for The Horde (3DO)

Access All the Weapons:
Perform this trick during normal game play before you enter the
Weapon Shoppe, as it's impossible to pause the game once you're
in the Shoppe. Enter the code to credit yourself with 30,000 Crowns
so you can make purchases, then press
B, Right, A, Left, Left, Down, Right, A, A, Left.

Cheat Mode:
To access any of these коды, press and hold A + B, then press Up
and hit Pause. After you enter your cheat code, unpause the game.

Earn 30,000 Crowns:
Anytime during the game, press Left, A, A, B, Left, A, Right, Down.
Unpause the game, and 30,000 coins will appear.

Anytime during the game, press B, Up, Right, Down, A, Down, A, Right.

Level Skip:
Anytime during the game, press Down, A, Left, Left, Down, A, A, Right.
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