Cheats for Return Fire: Maps Of Death (3DO)

Level Select:
Start a new game and go to the map-selection screen. Keep pressing Up
on the directional pad until you reach the Password entry screen.
Enter the password WOLF. You can now pick any level in the game.

Start a game and go to the attack-craft select screen. Highlight
your craft and press Button C. Hold down the top L and R buttons.
While holding L and R, press and hold Buttons B and C. Continue to
hold all four buttons and press the Stop button. This takes you to
the Exit Game option. At this screen, continue to hold the four
buttons and push Down on the directional pad. You'll hear a confirming
sound. Do this for each craft you wish to make invincible.

Debug Menu:
Enter the WOLF password to begin a game. Then, anytime during gameplay,
hold down Buttons L and R and pause the game. A debug menu will appear
that enables you to have the flag in the first building and to play
sounds from the game.
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