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Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (PS3)

Enter one of the following codes to activate
the corresponding cheat function:

Character Codes:

7EQF47 — Boxer
WL4T6N — Dovchenko
PGWSEA — Indiana Jones: 1
FGLKY5 — Indiana Jones: 2
DZFY9S — Indiana Jones: Collect
8BDJG5 — Indiana Jones: CS
M4C34K — Indiana Jones: Desert
2W8QR3 — Indiana Jones: Disguised
QUNZUT — Indiana Jones: DJ
J2XS97 — Indiana Jones: Kali
3FQFKS — Indiana Jones: Officer
7AWX3J — Lao Che
P4PCDY — Mac
U7SMVK — Mannequin: Adult Female
QPWDMM — Mannequin: Adult Male
3PG5EL — Mannequin: Child Female
2UJQWC — Mannequin: Child Male
82RMC2 — Mola Ram
2GK562 — Mutt
4C5AKH — Professor Henry Jones
FTL48S — Rene Belloq
E88YRP — Salah
94RUAJ — Willie: Singer

Item Codes:

EGSM5B — Coin Magnet
2U7YCV — Snake Whip

Vehicle Codes:

PXT4UP — Alien
7VLKAF — Biplane
YLG2TN — Hot Rod
BC5PTY — Rolls-Royce: Phantom
RM3E84 — Stunt Plane

Red, Blue and Green Bricks Unlock Codes:
During gameplay, press Start and select Enter Cheat Codes!

3Z7PJX — Fast Fix
6JBB65 — Invincibility
FQGPYH — Silhouettes
PEHHPZ — Score X3
S5UZCP — Score X8
SNXC2F — Fast Build
SZFAAE — Poo Money
TUXNZF — Fearless
TY9P4U — Ice Rink
U38VJP — Score X2
UU3VSC — Beep Beep
UXGTB3 — Score X4
V7JYBU — Score X10
XWJ5EY — Score X6
XYAN83 — Fast Dig
Y9TE98 — Disguise
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