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Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion (PC)

Press the [~] ( tilde ) key, and then enter one of the following codes:
bestbuy                                   - Units are 10% cheaper.
jericho                                   - Walls will crumble.
add_money #                               - Add money. # = amount.
add_population Y X                        - Adds population, where Y is the 
                                             settlement name and X is amount
auto_win attacker/defender                - Attacker or defender automatically 
                                             wins the next auto resolved battle
give_trait characternname traitname level - gives the character the trait 
                                             at the chosen level.
process_cq settlement                     - Finished the building queue in the 
list_traits                               - Lists all traits.
move_character Z X,Y                      - Moves character to location, where
                                             Z is character name and X Y are 
force_diplomacy accept/decline/off        - Forces opponent to accept 
                                             diplomatic proposal
invulnerable_general charactername        - General is invulnerable in combat.
date year                                 - Changes date.
kill_character charactername              - Kills selected character.
season summer/winter                      - changes season.
capture_settlement settlementname         - Captures settlement.
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