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Galactic Dream: Rage Of War (PC)

Press [Enter] during game play. Type one of the following codes, then press 
[Enter] again to activate the cheat function.
Note: The codes will function only in the v1.0f or higher patch.
giveships <0-16>       - Spawn Terran unit type
giveships <32-48>      - Spawn Argo unit type
massacre               - Lots of units for everyone
giveshipsall <0-16>    - Spawn Terran unit type for everyone
giveshipsall <32-48>   - Spawn Argo unit type for everyone
god like               - Spawn four of each unit class
warp ten               - Instant units and buildings creation
food for all           - No supply creation is required
let battle be          - Spawn one unit per class for everyone              
failure not an option  - Win current mission
kamikaze               - Lose current mission
spawn player           - Give Starbase and starting units to defeated player
give money             - +10,000 credits
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