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Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin (PC)

How to get more orbs from the Piglets in Majula:
If you keep on slaughtering the pigs for about twenty times, 
they will finally transform into Big Boars. These big boars when 
killed successfully, again twenty times, will in-turn transform into 
larger boars with deadly fangs. These huge boars with fangs will drop 
three red orbs each. You can lure one of them to the Brightstone cathedral, 
and get the Pickaxe. Or let him follow you to the mining/hollow camp after 
the Doors of Pharros and dig for the axe. The sad part of this process 
is that you can kill the piglets, which transform into boars which again 
turn into boars with fangs, only once in the game. The boars will 
not respawn again. After killing the boars with fangs you need to look for 
others ways to get more red orbs. You can get these orbs in many 
other ways too, like buying it from Brotherhood of Blood for five 
thousand souls each or by killing the fire salamander.
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