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Call Of Duty: World At War (PC)

Press [~] to display the console window. Type devmap mak to enable cheat mode. 
Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate 
the corresponding cheat function:
god                 - God mode          
give all            - All weapons       
notarget            - Disable AI        
noclip              - No clipping mode  
map [name]          - Change maps
mapname             - List maps         
devmap [map name]   - Change maps       
jumptonode          - Teleport to a node.
ufo                 - Flight mode.
mapname             - List maps.
demigod             - Double health and can survive one grenade explosion.
sf_use_ignoreammo 1 - Unlimited amunition.
sf_use_bw 1         - Black and white movie mode.
sf_use_invert 1     - Photo negative mode.
sf_use_chaplin 1    - Silent movie mode.

Level select codes:
First unlock the game's console by going to Game Options and select "Yes" 
for the Game Console. Next open it up with the [~] key. Then, type in these 
codes to go to the level.
Devmap see2    - Play the mission Blood and Iron.
Devmap pel1a   - Play the mission Burn 'Em Out.
Devmap ber2    - Play the mission Eviction.
Devmap pel2    - Play the mission Hard Landing.
Devmap pel1    - Play the mission Little Resistance.
Devmap pel1b   - Play the mission Relentless.
Devmap ber1    - Play the mission Ring Of Steel.
Devmap mak     - Play the mission Semper Fi.
Devmap see1    - Play the mission Their Land, Their Blood.
Devmap sniper  - Play the mission Vendetta.
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