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Angry Video Game Nerd 2: ASSimilation (PC)

Power Glove:
At the end of the first Board James level, Hippo Hell, when you're riding the
helicopter, if you go to the top of the ladder on it once the level exit TNT
thingy is in sight, then jump off to the right just as the helicopter stops
moving, you will land on the platform above the level exit and get the power
glove. Then, simply break the blocks to your right with the newly acquired
powerup, and exit the level to save it.

The Cape:
In the first stage of Ghouls n' Garbage, immediately after exiting the water
for the last time, climb the wall on the left until you see some breakable
blocks. If you have the power glove, break the blocks and get the cape. It's
a pretty useless powerup, but it looks cool.

Turbo Controller:
In the first level of Browntown, Dookie Dookie Panic, immediately as the level
begins, there should be a wall at the bottom of the screen that is brown and
has cracks in it. If you have the power glove, break the wall, and continue
through the opening that you've created. In the middle of the room that you
enter through the broken wall is a controller sitting between a bunch of traps
and enemies. Neutralize the enemies, avoid the traps, and the turbo shot is
yours. Note: It allows you to charge your gun, not shoot rapid fire.
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