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Yoda Stories

Yoda Stories cheat codes: 
To enter these codes, pause the
game then type the desired code.

Force     - Get the Force
Object    - Get all objects
Junk      - Assorted junk
Sabre     - Lightsaber
Blasters  - All guns
Locater   - Terrain locater

Meet Indiana Jones
At the end of the mission where you have to destroy
a cloning machine, you will have to fight evil clones
of Luke untill you get a good one. After you talk to
him, he will stand on a switch that opens the door to
a room with several switches. Go up to the top left
corner of the room to open a door that leads outside.
Talk to the alien and he will take you to a planet
where you will meet Indiana Jones.

New and Improved Light Saber
When you have a blaster or blaster rifle, select it
and run it out of ammo. The game will then select a
different light saber that does almost twice the damage
of your original one!

Thermal Detonators
When you land on a desert planet, go in to the building
beside the cantina and walk up to the boxes. You'll find
a thermal detonator in each of them.

Unlimited Mushrooms
When you are on a mission to the forest planet, go into the
bar and you will see tables on either side of the door. Walk
up to one and get a mushroom. You can take as many mushrooms
as you want!

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