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Teddy Tavern: A Culinary Adventure

Teddy Tavern: A Culinary Adventure cheat codes: 
How to overfeed a customer:
This trick works best in scenario 3 to 5 when customers are close together.
It works when two customers are next to each other, one on the top floor
and another on the bottom. When both customers order the same dish,
stack five of these dishes. Shoot between the customers.
The bottom customer will eat one dish while the top will hopefully eat
the other four, giving you an instant 5x Combo. However, if you do it
wrong, the dishes will fly off and you lose $40.

Best Upgrades:
Italian Eatery: Painted floor.
The floor will boost value of each dish by $3 without learning anything extra.

Oriental Palace: Koi Pond. You double the value of tips with this upgrade.

French Fine Dining: Painted Wall. There are no deduction for lost food,
which gives you the opportunity to stack anything to the max and going
for the overfeeding trick.

Sweet Tooth Delicacy: Woodland Robins.

Great Outdoor Grill: Grizzly Bear. They eat fast and gives double
the money, very  important customers to have.

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