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3D Ultra MiniGolf

3D Ultra MiniGolf cheat codes: 
Abominable Snowman Hole
Putt into the middle tunnel for a hole in one.

Jungle Hole
Across from the pyramid with the hole there is a pool of water.
Putt your ball at the bird next to the water.
The bird will pick up the ball and drop it in the cup.

Hole-in-One on Haunted House Hole
To get a hole in one one the Haunted House, hit the
ball FROM THE TEE to the light grave on the left side of the house.
If you do this correctly the ball will come out the back of the house.
This tip will only work on the first shot.

Hole-In-One on Fort Overlook Hole
Aim your first shot at the middle cannon. Aim it so when you hit
into the cannon, the cannon is pointing straight. The cannon will
then shoot your ball into the cup.

Hole-in-one on Bugs Hole
Aim your first shot at the rock. If you hit it perfectly, a bee
will fly over and drop your ball in the cup for a hole-in-one!

Hole-in-one on the Lighthouse Hole
On your first putt, putt the ball towards the bird and hit the bird.
The bird will then fly over the hole and drop the ball close to the hole.

Ice Shortcut
On the Abominable Snowman hole, putt into the middle
tunnel for a hole in one!

Incredible Machine Tip
When your ball is right in front of the alligator in the
Incredible Machine, putt your ball into the alligator's mouth.
If you did it right it will be thrown either into or next to the hole.

Moon Base Trick
On the moon base hole, hit your ball into the metro station when
the sign reads '3'. Timing is VERY important. Also, if you don't
time it right, your ball will fall into the construction pit.

Shortcut on Jungle Hole
Next to the pool of water across from the pyramid with the hole
there is a bird. Putt the ball at the bird and it will pick it up
and drop it into the cup.

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