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MageSlayer cheat codes: 
Bring up the console by pushing the ~ key and type the following codes,
followed by the Enter key:

bind p positions This will make the P key print out your position
[x, y, z]. Ignore the decimal places. a_moveme X,Y,Z Moves you to the
given position coordinates dir maps List available maps map "mapname"
Start a map pc_spawnthing "thingname" Create an instance of an item or
creature in the World. Try to be in an open area because you can spawn
something inside a wall. fly Toggles fly mode on and off. Once on, press
JUMP to fly. Then, quickly, turn it off to land. ode to jack Kill all
creatures on level impulse 11 God Mode bigfinale Play the end sequence
noclip Turn clipping off (walk through walls)

Things you can spawn:

Creatures- use "pc_spawnthing thingname". Creature names are pretty
straight forward. "rat, bat, wererat1 (2 and 3), scorpion,spider, etc".

temporary shield
temporary freeze creatures
temporary speed run
temorary invisibility
temporary KILL ALL powerup
health icon
mana icon
spawn a key
spawn a relicpiece (but piece is in cage).

Console Commands:
To bring up the console puhs the [~] key and type
the following codes,followed by the enter key.

Press [~] to display the console, type one of the following codes,
then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

bind p positions - Press P to display coordinates
a_moveme [x,y,z] - Moves to selected coordinates
dir maps         - List available maps
map (map name)   - Start a map
+6dof            - First person view
fly              - Press [Jump] 2 fly (toggle fly)
ode to jack      - Kill all creatures on level
impulse 11       - God mode
bigfinale        - View end sequence
noclip           - No clipping
impulse 10       - Large magic attack
impulse 42       - Display "Technically, this is an easter egg."
impulse 43       - Instant death (1 of 5)
impulse 69       - Instant death (2 of 5)

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