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Madden NFL 99

Madden NFL 99 cheat codes: 
Bonus Stadiums
Enter one of the following names at
the code entry screen.

EASTADIUM       EA Sports
OURHOUSE        Tiburon
DOGPOUND99      Cleveland
NOTAFISH        Original Miami
STICKEM         Original Oakland
SOMBRERO        Original Tampa
FOR_RENT        Astrodome

Bonus Teams
Enter one of the following names at
the code entry screen.

NFC Pro Bowl           BESTNFC
AFC Pro Bowl           AFCBEST
All-Madden             BOOM
All-Time Stat Leaders  IMTHEMAN
60s Greats             PEACELOVE
70s Greats             BELLBOTTOMS
80s Greats             SPRBWLSHUFL
90s Greats             HEREANDNOW
All-Time Greats        TURKEYLEG
75th Anniversary Team  THROWBACK
NFL Equipment Team     GEARGUYS
1999 Cleveland Browns  WELCOMEBACK
EA Sports              INTHEGAME
Tiburon                HAMMERHEAD

Quarterback Pass After Touchdown
First off, you have to have picked a passing play to
do this. Any passing play will work. When you run
into the endzone for a TD as the QB only, press X to
bring up the passing play that you originally called
but never went through with.
Now press any corresponding button to pass the ball
to the corresponding player after the play is done.
You must do this before the QB drops the ball and
the play stats come up. The chances of the receiver
catching the pass are slim to none. If the passing
menu does not come up after pressing X once, press
it again because the QB may still be speed bursting
after the first pres of the X button.

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