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Madden NFL 2003

Madden NFL 2003 cheat codes: 
Unlimited creation points:
Go to "Rosters", then choose "Edit Player". Select
the players that you want to be rated 99. Go to his
attributes, then increase everything.

Easy tokens:
Play two-minute drill and choose to play four players,
all with your profile. Set "Fire" the defense and the
Vikings as your teams. Next, use Singleback 4WR All
Streaks for touchdowns all day.

Easier gold in mini-camp mode:
Create a player and trade him to the team that you are
doing the drill with. Make sure that the created player
is playing the position of the person that you are trying
to complete the drill with. For example, Ronde Barber is
the corner back in the Defensive Swat Pass drill. If you
create a corner back and make his attributes all 99, put
him on the Buccaneers and make him the starting or number
one cornerback. Then, he will do the drill. You may do
this with any person on any drill. You may also make the
people who you are going against in the drill "sorrier".
If you know their names, go to their attributes and turn
them all the way down.

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