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Madden NFL 08

Madden NFL 08 cheat codes: 
Always have first pick in draft
Start a franchise with the trade deadline off. Sim or play the season
to Week 17. Find out which team has the worst record. Trade your first
draft pick for their first pick, and they will always accept.
Note: You can also do this with second through seventh draft picks.

Avoiding drills in Superstar mode:
If you choose to create a Superstar, you will have to do drills after
you create him. To avoid having to do drills, choose "Create A Player"
(above "Create A Team" in the Features menu). Set the year he is born to 1987.
It should say at the bottom of the info menu that he is zero years pro.
Put him on the team you want to use. After you customize his appearance,
make his stats 99 overall. Then, go into the depth charts in the Features menu,
and put him at the top of the depth chart at his position. Go back into
Superstar mode, choose to play as a rookie, and your created superstar should
be there with all the other rookies from the 2008 draft. Choose the superstar
you created. You should now not have to do any drills and will go into the
pre-season with the team you put your rookie on.
If you put him at the top of the depth chart at his position before you
went into Superstar mode, he should be a starter.

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