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Jane's Fleet Command

Jane's Fleet Command cheat codes: 
Never send just one plane anywhere; fights will be
better if you send a pair of fighters, even when identifying
unknown craft.

Lead your air assaults with HARM missile-equipped
planes. These missiles hone in on the enemy's active radar,
taking it out and shutting down the enemy's air defense.

Years ago, the U.S. Navy taught its tactical-action
officers (the folks in charge of employing a ship's weapons)
to "shoot, shoot, look." You should do the same. Fire two
missiles at any incoming target. Wait to see the result, and
then fire again--if necessary.

Swarm. Don't attack with a Harpoon here, a Maverick
there; hit the bad guys with everything you have. There is a
much greater chance of destroying your target if you swamp
its defenses.

Stay cool. Don't use your radar or activate sonar until
you are in battle; otherwise, you'll give your position away.
If necessary, send a ship (called the picket ship) ahead of
your task force. Order this ship to light off its radar.
Hopefully, it will discover the waiting enemy; of course, it
might also discover ten cruise missiles headed its way--but
hey, life's full of little surprises.

While in-game enter into chat box (not case sensitive).
when the words (CHEATS) appear right after it, it is correct,
otherwise you may have entered wrong. some are for later versions.
Activate the Omega    - +1 Omega Drive (added in 2.001)
Advanced Fat          - +1 Advanced Factory (added in 2.001)
Armor Em              - +5 Armored Missiles (added in 2.001)
Be Peaceful           - -100 AI Progress
Bomb The Stars        - +1 Mark IV Bomber Starship
Bombs Away            - +50 Mark IV Bombers
Core Cruisin          - +50 Core Battle Cruisers
Core of the Star      - +1 Core Starship (added in 2.001)
Crystal Goblet        - +100,000 Crystal
Energize              - +10 Mark II Energy Reactors
Engies                - +10 Mark II Engineers
Fight Or Flight       - +50 Mark IV Fighters
Fog This!             - Change Fog of War To Completly Visible
Better Than Trelawney - Reveal Random AI Types
Get Angry             - +100 AI Progress
Give Me K             - +10,000 Knowledge
I Can See My House    - All Planets Are Scouted
I Love Leeches        - +50 Core Leeches
Just Cruisin          -  +50 Cruisers
Metal Head            - +100,0000 Metal
More More More        - Remove Ship Cap From All Units (added in 1.014)
Nuke Em               - +5 Nuclear Missiles
Pull The Lever        - Spawns a MASSIVE Cross Planet Attack / 1 Second Left
On The Timer; use with caution, esp. on difficulty 8+,
will kill framerate (added in 3.101)
Send In The Clowns    - Spawns a Normal Cross Planet Attack / 1 Second Left
On The Timer (added in 3.101)
Spawn Angry Colonists - Trigger Human Colony Rebellion On Current Planet,
Enabling Rebellions If Previously Off (added in 2.001)
Spawn The Conners     - Trigger Human Resistance On Current Planet, Enabling
Resistance If Previously Off (added in 2.001)
Spawn Vagabonds       - Trigger Human Marauder Incursion On Current Planet,
Enabling Marauders If Previously Off (added in 2.001)
Warp In The Clowns    - Spawns a Normal Wave / 1 Second Left On The Timer.

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