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Faery Tale Adventure 2

Faery Tale Adventure 2 cheat codes: 
This game is also titled "Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure 2"

Locate the "promo" directory on the installation CD. Copy the saved games in
this directory to saved game directory on the hard drive. Start the game and
use the "Load" selection on the options menu to load the "hatak" saved game
file. Immediately save this game as a new file, since overwriting the "hatak"
file will crash the game. Note: Although the other saved game files allow the
game to be started at various points, the "hatak" file has additional bonuses.

* When playing the game from "hatak" file, all characters will have full
attributes with mithril armor and weapons. Additionally, Julian has the "Tour
Guide" and "Juicer" special items in inventory. The "Tour Guide" allows travel
to any game location. The "Juicer" allows attributes, skills, and mana to be

Note: To start game from the beginning with cheat mode active, use the "Tour
Guide" to travel to Wildevarr/Padavis/Riddenbutter's.
Additionally, all scrolls may be sold for additional gold since all spells
have already been learned.

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