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Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 cheat codes: 
Unlimited Souls (Exploit):
Find a corpse with an item or souls, and grab the loot.
Now make a fatal leap off the nearest ledge. As soon as you die,
quickly press the appropriate button to bring up the option to quit your game.
When you restart, you will be at the last bonfire with whatever you picked
up from the body now located within your inventory. If you go find the body,
the item should also be waiting on the body, allowing you to pick it
up again and repeat the process as often as desired.

Secret Use for the Petrified Something:
The Petrified Something is an optional starting item Gift in Dark Souls 2.
Available during Character Creation, the item has no apparent purpose.
However, when placed in the bird's nest in the game's very first area,
Things Betwixt, the Petrified Something may be exchanged a random item,
from a near-useless Old Whip to the extremely precious Twinkling Titanite,
an item which allows players to upgrade equipment otherwise resistant to

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