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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic cheat codes: 
Start the game with the command-line parameter "-console" to enable the console

Example: "C:\Program Files\Dark Messiah of Might and Magic\mm.exe" -console
Alternately, in the game options, on the "Keyboard" Tab, click the "Advanced"
button at the bottom and check the box "Enable Developer Console".

While playing, press [~] (tilde) to bring up the console and enter
any of the following cheat codes. Typing part of the code will show
all codes that start with those characters.

NOTE: It may be necessary to use the code "sv_cheats 1" before
entering other cheat codes into the system.

God                                    - God mode
god 1                                  - God mode (invincibility)
notarget 1                             - Invisibility
impulse 101                            - Get all weapons and ammo
ai_disable 1                           - Disables the AI (enemies do nothing)
sv_gravity [value]                     - Change the gravity (default 800)
Noclip                                 - No clipping mode
noclip 1                               - Disable clipping (walk thru walls)
Give [item name]                       - Spawn indicated item
buddha                                 - Buddha mode; cannot go below 1 HP
mm_npc_create [npc name]               - Spawn indicated NPC
notarget                               - Enemies ignore you
mm_player_add_skillpoints [number]     - Add indicated amount of skill points
mm_player_add_adrenaline 100           - Full Adrenaline
mm_player_add_gold                     - Add indicated amount of gold
arrows_unlimited 1                     - Unlimited arrows
developer 1                            - Developer-mode
map [mapname]                          - Start the selected map
showconsole                            - Shows the console
mm_player_add_skillpoints [value]      - Get specified amount of skillpoints
mm_player_add_adrenaline [value]       - Get specified amount of adrenaline
mm_player_add_gold                     - Get specified amount of gold
restart_assassin                       - Restarts the map as a assassin
restart_warrior                        - Restarts the map as a arrior
restart_wizard                         - Restarts the map as a wizard
map_assassin                           - Starts specified map as a assassin
map_warrior                            - Starts specified map as a arrior
map_wizard                             - Starts specified map as a wizard
sv_noclipduringpause 1                 - Allow noclip while game is paused
mm_player_stamina_megasprint_cost_per_second 0 - Sprinting costs no stamina
mm_player_stamina_needed_for_kick 0            - Kicking costs no stamina
mm_player_time_to_add_mana 0                   - Infinite mana

Item names
Use the following entries with the give code:
weapon_arx_long_sword                       weapon_mm_helmet_orcchief
weapon_arx_orc_chief_cleaver                weapon_mm_helmet_orsmall
weapon_arx_short_sword                      weapon_mm_hook
weapon_arx_silver_sword                     weapon_mm_shield_deathknight
weapon_arx_sword_collector                  weapon_mm_shield_gob
weapon_arx_sword_of_fire                    weapon_mm_shield_guard
weapon_ax_sword_of_misery                   weapon_mm_shield_lava
weapon_arx_wakizashi_of_excellence          weapon_mm_shield_magic
weapon_arxclub                              weapon_mm_shield_necroguard
weapon_arxcrossbow                          weapon_mm_shield_orc
weapon_arxcrossbowrope                      weapon_mm_shield_orcsmall
weapon_arxdaggers                           weapon_mm_specter_knife
weapon_arxhelmet                            weapon_mm_staff_collector
weapon_arxkatana                            weapon_mm_staff_combat
weapon_arxorccleaver                        weapon_mm_staff_destruction
weapon_arxringdexterity                     weapon_mm_staff_fire
weapon_arxringmana                          weapon_mm_staff_ghost
weapon_arxringprotectfire                   weapon_mm_staff_holy
weapon_arxringregeneration                  weapon_mm_staff_mana
weapon_arxringsecondchance                  weapon_mm_staff_necromancer
weapon_arxringstrength                      weapon_mm_staff_shadow
weapon_arxshield                            weapon_mm_staff_shock
weapon_arxsword                             weapon_mm_staff_spell
weapon_lockpick                             weapon_mm_staff_tun
weapon_missile                              weapon_mm_staff_wizard
weapon_mm_bow_collector                     weapon_mm_staff_wood
weapon_mm_bow_explosive                     weapon_mm_weapon_generic
weapon_mm_bow_freeze                        weapon_MMDummyCaster
weapon_mm_bow_holy                          weapon_mmspell
weapon_mm_bow_living                        weapon_MMSpell_weapon_AIR_1
weapon_mmbow_long                           weapon_MMSpell_weapon_AIR_2
weapon_mm_bow_mass                          weapon_MMSpell_weapon_AIR_3
weapon_mm_bow_plan                          weapon_MMSpell_weapon_AIR_4
weapon_mm_bow_poison                        weapon_MMSpell_weapon_EARTH_1
weapon_mm_bow_sniper                        weapon_MMSpell_weapon_EARTH_2
weapon_mm_daggers_collector                 weapon_MMSpell_weapon_EARTH_3
weapon_mm_daggers_dest                      weapon_MMSpell_weapon_EARTH_4
weapon_mm_daggers_kryss                     weapon_MMSpell_weapon_FIRE_1
weapon_mm_daggers_kryss_lk                  weapon_MMSpell_weapon_FIRE_2
weapon_mm_daggers_light                     weapon_MMSpell_weapon_FIRE_3
weapon_mm_daggers_of_ashes                  weapon_MMSpell_weapon_FIRE_4
weapon_mm_daggers_plan                      weapon_MMSpell_weapon_WATER_1
weapon_mm_daggers_polar                     weapon_MMSpell_weapon_WAER_2
weapon_mm_daggers_shadow                    weapon_MMSpell_weapon_WATER_3
weapon_mm_daggers_silver                    weapon_MMSpell_weapon_WATER_4
weapon_mm_helmet_accuracy                   weapon_MMTelekinesis_physcannon
weapon_mm_helmet_confusion                  weapon_sword_souldrinker
weapon_mm_helmet_guard                      item_potion_life (Health potion )
weapon_mm_helmet_health                     item_potion_mana (Mana potion)

NPC names:
Use one of the following entries with the mm_npc_create code.

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