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Baldur's Gate 2: Throne Of Bhaal

Baldur's Gate 2: Throne Of Bhaal cheat codes: 
Before doing the following, make sure you backup the file.
Using any text editor (Word, Wordpad, etc.), edit the "baldur.ini"
file in your Baldur's Gate directory. Under the (Program Options)
heading, put Debug Mode=1 (case sensitive). Now during play
press [Crtl] + [Space] and a window will pop up. Enter any of
these codes and then press [Enter]. Now press [Ctrl] + [Space] to
close the console window . Note: These are all case sensitive.

CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(XXX) - Set experience points for your group,
where XXX is the amount, this can
be max 2950000. You can use this
for the group or for the selected
character only.

CLUAConsole:AddGold(XXX)      - Set amount of gold, where XXX is the amount
CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()     - Reveal Map
CLUAConsole:CreateItem(id)    - Create Any Item in the Game (see below)
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]",[number]) - Create multiple item

In-game cheat keys:
Use one of the following codes during a game after entering
the "CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()" code to activate the
corresponding cheat function:

Heal character                      - [Ctrl] + [R]
Move party to pointer location      - [Ctrl] + [J]
Heal and remove harmful spell
effects from party                  - [Ctrl] + [T]
Kill selected character or monster  - [Ctrl] + [Y]
Change AC of selected character     - [Ctrl] + [1]
Previous selected character's model - [Ctrl] + [6]
Advance selected character's model  - [Ctrl] + [7]
Maximum stats at character
generation screen                   - [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [8]

To create items enter CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xxxx") where xxx
is the name of the item.

Item Name Description:
plat20 blue dragon plate                 sw1h71 Hindo's doom +4
plat21 Ekindu's full plate +3            sw2h16 sword of chaos +2
plat22 Shuruppak's plate                 sw2h17 gram the sword of greif +5
sw2h18 gram the sword of greif +6
leat23 studded leather of thorns +6      sw2h19 carsomyr +6
leat24 grandmasters armor +6             sw2h20 2 handed sword +3
sw2h21 psion's blade +5
chan19 slyferund elven chain +5
chan20 white dragon scale                sper11 Ixil's nail +4
sper12 Ixil's spike +6
helm23 gold ioun stone
helm24 obsidian ioun stone               blun25 mace of disruption +2
helm25 silver ioun stone                 blun26 club of detonation +3
helm26 lavender ioun stone               blun27 club of detonation +5
helm27 bronze ioun stone                 blun28 storm star +3
helm28 circlet of Netheril               blun29 storm star +5
helm29 theives hood                      blun30 flail of ages +5
helm30 theives hood +1                   blun35 Ice star +4
helm31 helm of the rock
helm32 helm of the rock +1               xbow12 flasher launcher
helm33 gold horned helm                  xbow15 firetooth +4
helm34 wong fei's ioun stone             xbow16 firetooth +5

shld31 darksteel shield +4               bow20 darkfire bow +4
shld32 shield of the order +4            bow21 darkfire bow +5
bow22 taralash +4
ring41 ring of protection +3             bow23 taralash +5
ring42 improved invisibility
ring43 oaken ring                        slng08 Erinne sling +4
ring44 heartwood ring                    slng09 Erinne sling +5
ring45 Delryn family ring
ring46 Anti-venom                        ax1h14 axe of the unyielding +3
ax1h15 axe of the unyielding +5
brac21 gauntlets of extra specilization  ax1h16 K'logarath +4
brac22 paladin's bracers
brac23 blessed bracers                   dagg04 long tooth
brac24 bard gloves                       dagg06 Nester's dagger
brac25 wonderous gloves                  dagg07 Kylee's dagger
brac26 Tzu-Zan's bracers                 dagg08 Hentold's dagger
dagg09 werebane,silver dagger
amul26 amulet of cheetah speed           dagg10 soultaker
amul27 amulet of seldarine               dagg11 boomerang +2
amul28 amulet of master harper           dagg18 shadow theif dagger
dagg20 lifestealer
rods06 rod of reversal                   dagg21 dagger of the star +4
dagg22 dagger of the star +5
clck30 cloak of bravery                  dagg23 Ixil's spike
clck31 Improved cloak of protection +2
clck32 montolio's cloak                  halb10 ravager +4
halb11 ravager +6
belt11 girdle of fire giant strength
belt12 holy symbol of lathander          wand17 potion of ice dust
belt13 holy symbol of helm               wand18 wand of spell striking
belt14 holy symbol of talos              wand19 wand of cursing

boot12 gargoyle boots                    bull05 bullet +3
bull06 bullet +4
staf21 staff of the ram +4
staf22 staff of the ram +6               dart06 giant rock
staf23 serpent shaft                     dart08 crimson dart +3

hamm10 runehammer +4                     bolt07 flasher master bruiser mate
hamm11 runehammer +5                     bolt08 blessed belt

sw1h58 shortsword of the mask +4         arow06 arrow of detonation
sw1h59 shortsword of the mask +5         arow14 poisoned arrow
sw1h60 angurvadal +4                     arow15 arrow +3
sw1h61 angurvadal +5
sw1h62 foebane +3                        bag05 ammo belt
sw1h63 foebane +5                        bag06 potion case
sw1h64 purifier +4
sw1h65 purifier +5                       misc3a book of infinate spells
sw1h66 yamato +4                         misc3f jade hound
sw1h67 Usuno's blade +4                  misc3j bronze horn of Valhalla
sw1h68 spectral brand +4                 misc3k iron horn of Valhalla
sw1h69 spectral brand +5                 misc3n Azlaer's harp
sw1h70 Hindo's doom +3                   misc3o Methild's harp

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